About Us
QuantaPhi Corporation places intense focus on PHYSISORPTION technologies. Emphasis on surface interactions with gas, vapor and liquid has positioned our instrumentation as essential "must have" tools for solid state and ionic liquid characterization. Thirty consecutive years of sorption experience offers expert guidance matching the appropriate sorption technique for your research application.
Our product portfolio consists of only the finest PHYSISORPTION research tools available. The collection offers ultra-high resolution studies of solid state surface interactions with gas, vapor or liquid. We provide the widest range of mass, temperature and pressure environments suitable for all research applications.
Our ultra-high resolution research instrumentation are designed specifically for precise and accurate measurement of mass transfer, thermal transfer and related phenomena such as material storage capacity, phase transition, polymorphism, stability, gas diffusivity of ionic liquids, hydrophobicity/philicity as well as isothermic, isobaric, isosteric and isochoric analysis.