The Porometer 4 is the most recent advancement of the traditional, well established, "Coulter" technology; the "industry standard" for over twenty-five years. Using the same proprietary software algorithms employed by all Coulter Porometer models, the Porometer 4 continues the long established tradition of providing unrivaled pore data, which has designated this instrument as the cornerstone of the pore analysis industry for more than a quarter century.

The insightful instrument design exemplifies the innovative thinking expected from a Twenty-first Century industry leader. Uncomplicated, simple to use, and built to the quality standards typical of  Porvair Filtration, the Porometer 4 has raised Industry standards to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Standard samples include: membranes, thin film, hollow fibers, paper, sintered metal, wire mesh, filtration media and a wide variety of porous material. Capillary flow porometry is a liquid extrusion technique in which the differential gas pressure and flow rates through samples are measured in both wet and dry states. This technique yields bubble point, mean flow pore diameter, pore size distribution, pore population, gas permeability, etc. Contact us for detailed product information: jdb@Q-Phi.com

Contact us for detailed product information: jdb@Q-Phi.comContact us for detailed product information: jdb@Q-Phi.com
Porometer 4
by Porvair Filtration