Gravimetric Sorption: Sub-ambient (vacuum), high pressure (20 bar), high temperature and multi-component sorption.
The XEMIS is a high accuracy sorption microbalance for precision weighing in extreme environments.

Manometric Sorption: Pressure to 200 bar, vacuum to 1 x 10-8 torr, BET, GAB surface area, pore size, PCT analyis, temperature range from LN2 to 150 C (analysis) and 500 C (activation).

Gravimetric Dynamic Vapor Sorption: Provides fully automated and precise measurement of the magnitude and kinetics of dynamic water or organic vapor sorption of solids.
Controlled Environment: XCS Series provides users with a unique controlled climate for a range of scientific applications.
Breakthrough Curves: Fully automated laboratory-scale instruments for the assessment of filtration and gas separation.
Permeability: Solubility and permeation properties of membrane materials.
Pore Size Analysis; Bubble point, permeability, capillary through pore analysis.

Quadrupole Mass Spectroscopy; For vacuum, gas, plasma and surface analysis to 300 amu.
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